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Step 1: Twilio Overview

What is Twilio

Twilio is a developer platform that enables communications in your software using a set of easy to use API's . With Twilio, you can embed voice , video , messaging and authentication right in your own applications. By including communications as an integral part of your application's business logic, you can make communications contextual. This makes new and engaging user experiences possible and can help to automate routine tasks, all by enabling relevant communications in your application.

Twilio has been adopted by startups and enterprises alike. Businesses like Uber , Box , DocuSign , Nordstrom , Coca-Cola , Netflix and Shopify trust Twilio to power their communications. We welcome you to join over a million developers who are enabling innovative communications in their applications with Twilio.

We can't wait to see what you build.

Demo: Send a text message to (415) 801-0300 to receive a call from Twilio

How Twilio brings communications to the cloud

The telephone has existed for 140 years, but most communications systems haven't changed much in that time. Though they have become more sophisticated, conventional communications solutions are built for a single purpose, with pre-defined limits, and aren't able to grow and adapt to your business's changing workflows and dynamics.

In contrast, Twilio's cloud platform enables communications through composable software APIs. Twilio virtualizes all infrastructure needed to build modern communications into a cloud-based, on-demand, global environment. Using Twilio's powerful and simple-to-use APIs you can rapidly prototype, build, deploy and scale software solutions that adapt to the changing communications needs of your customers.

Twilio's platform enables the creation of modern communications

  • Twilio provides a single platform for deploying modern communications over both the Internet and carrier networks. The Twilio platform enables developers and businesses to build the exact communication solution needed.
  • Communications are made available through affordable and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing. No need for upfront investment in hardware and software or long term contracts.
  • Going global is fast and easy with Twilio's 28 data centers in 7 regions. Twilio manages top tier carrier relationships on your behalf, there is no need to negotiate contracts that can takes months and years.
  • All communications are designed to scale elastically providing resiliency and capacity. You can rapidly prototype, build and deploy software solutions, Twilio will scale with you as demand grows. You only pay for what you use. You also gain reliability over independent implementations, without the need to manage and upgrade infrastructure.

With these platform capabilities in hand, you can build powerful communication applications to solve the unique problems of your business.

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Which parts of communications infrastructure are virtualized in the Twilio cloud?


Twilio virtualizes all telecom infrastructure – hardware, software, carrier connectivity, and phone numbers – in a cloud-based, on-demand, global environment, exposed through a simple-to-use communications API.


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Which best describes Twilio's pricing structure?


Twilio's pay as you go model charges for only what you use. It requires no monthly minimums. (Though contracts are available for organizations looking for a more predictable cost structure.)


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