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General Questions

What is Twilio <Skills>?

Twilio <Skills> is self-paced elearning that provides a guided path for getting started with Twilio. Designed to accompany Twilio’s current documentation, it provides developers with hands-on practice sending text messages, making phones ring, and turning a web browser into a phone with code. Twilio <Skills> jump-starts development and allows developers to earn badges that demonstrate their skills and differentiate on their expertise.

Who is Twilio <Skills> training for?

Twilio <Skills> training is for developers new to Twilio, developers who have started using Twilio and would like to learn more, as well as experienced Twilio developers. Initial lessons and projects help get developers started and provide information about Twilio’s core products. Future lessons will offer deeper dives around specific use cases that Twilio enables.

Do I have to complete the projects in order?

No. While the Twilio <Skills> curriculum has been designed to provide a “happy path” for learning Twilio, you can complete lessons, projects, and badges in any order. Links to relevant documentation, as well as further reading are provided within each lesson or project. Additionally, if a project builds on skills presented earlier, links to those prior lessons are also provided inline.

Is there a “test out” option that let’s me earn badges without having to complete every project?

Yes. There is a Capstone project at the end of the Doer section that synthesizes skills learned across Twilio Voice, Messaging and Client. Complete this one project to earn both your Explorer and Doer badges.

Is there a way to submit feedback?

Yes, we love feedback! There is a Project Feedback section at the end of each project where you can rate the project as well as submit narrative feedback.

Additionally, you can use the form below to provide more general feedback or to request additional topics.

What if I can’t find a topic I want?

Click the magnifying glass at the top left of the screen to search for a topic. If you don’t find it, please use the form below to suggest a topic you’d like to see covered. Your requests help us decide on future content.

Where do I go if I get stuck?

If you ever have any questions about a course or about your account, use the form below to let us know. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Technical Questions

What are the browser and system requirements for Twilio <Skills>?

Twilio <Skills> works best in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE8 or higher. No other browsers are guaranteed to properly display our content and results may vary.

Can I complete projects on my iPad or phone?

Yes, though you may not want to. All Twilio <Skills> content is viewable on mobile devices. You can also submit your applications for validation on your mobile device. Writing code for the application is done outside of the Twilio <Skills> system, so probably not something you’ll want to do on a mobile device.

What is Twilio Connect and how does the Twilio <Skills> system use it?

Twilio Connect is an opt-in process which grants third parties access to information in your Twilio account. The Twilio <Skills> system uses Twilio Connect to request read-only access to your Twilio account. Accepting this request allows you to use the automated project validation feature. The information retrieval is strictly limited to project validation and does not incur any charges to your Twilio account.

What do I do if I can’t get the project validation to work?

Each project has multiple items that are being validated. The pass/fail status of the tests are displayed in one or more tabs. The automated validation process stops on the first failed test. Review the feedback provided. Adjust your code to resolve the issue causing the failure, then resubmit your project. If the validation feedback does not provide enough information for you to fix the problem, review the project testing and troubleshooting sections above. If you are still stuck, submit an issue using the form below. Include a description of the problem, as well as the parameter(s) being used for the project validation, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

When using why can't project validation read my TwiML?

When using TwimlBin, make sure to append /raw to the end of the URLs. This will cause TwimlBin to serve the raw XML instead of a pretty HTML page. For example:

instead of

Badge Questions

What badges are available to earn?

There are four levels of badges (the first two available now, the next two coming later this year):

  • Twilio Explorer: Find out what Twilio is all about, set up your developer environment, and get introduced to TwiML and the Twilio REST API
  • Twilio Doer: Learn the foundations of Twilio’s core products and earn badges for Twilio Messaging, Twilio Voice, and Twilio Client
  • Twilio Innovator (coming soon): Take a deeper dive into designing and building communications-enabled applications for specific use cases, such as mobile marketing or customer service call centers, among others
  • Twilio Master (coming soon): Show off your real-world projects and prove your mastery

How do I earn a badge?

To earn a badge, complete all of the lessons or projects associated with it. Most badge consists of three or more lessons or projects. Most project consists of two to three tasks. Each task involves writing code, fulfilling requirements, and submitting an application for automated validation. A task is complete when your applications passes the validation. A project is complete when all of the tasks are complete. When all of the projects are complete, you earn the badge.

What is the significance of the badges?

All badges require you to write code and successfully build one or more application. We believe this is a much better indicator of your skills as a developer than a multiple choice test could ever be. Earning Twilio badges provides demonstrable evidence of your skills with Twilio.

What can I do with the badges I earn?

Currently, your badges are associated with your account. We are looking into passing badges to the Twilio Doer pages and/or to Twilio’s partner showcase. Let us know if there is something specific you would like to be able to do with the badges you earn.

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