Welcome to Twilio <Skills>

Twilio <Skills> is self-paced elearning that provides a guided path for getting started with Twilio.

Designed to accompany Twilio’s current documentation, <Skills> provides you with hands-on experience sending text messages, making phones ring, and turning a web browser into a phone with code.

Twilio <Skills> jump-starts development and allows you to earn badges that demonstrate your skills and differentiate on your expertise.

Initial lessons and projects help get you started and provide information about Twilio’s core products.

Innovator lessons offer deeper dives around specific use cases that Twilio enables.

You can explore the entire curriculum on the <Skills> tab.

What other users are saying:

Twilio <Skills> helped me go from building fun Voice/SMS Apps to being able to build professional contact center solutions! It's free & there's great support!

- Mick Stevens, CTO Tornado Comms

Twilio <Skills> is great so far! It’s proven to be an engaging way to validate Twilio knowledge and I’ve picked up some best practices along the way.

- Patrick Labbett

I am more than impressed with the level of first-party support, guides and learning materials made available by the team at Twilio <Skills>.

- Ryan Binns

The courses are great and challenge you to use your skills on everything Twilio. I love how it ties everything together. If your code fails, take a look at the logs, find issue, repair and test again.

I love the site and plan on completing every level. I originally signed up to take a look at the call center stuff but thought I might as well do them all. It’s been a nice refresher for some of the basics I have implemented before with a couple new things I had not had to implement yet.

- Chris Backes

I am very pleased with Twilio <Skills>. Without them, I could not have completed my University of Liverpool Dissertation. I will always be indebted to them.

- John Audu

Where should you start?

New to Twilio?

Start with the Explorer Badge to get an introduction to the platform and learn the fundamentals of how your application communicates with Twilio.

Twilio Voice

Twilio Messaging

All training can be accessed from the <Skills> tab, including advanced topics such as Twilio Video and the Doer Badge Capstone Project, which earns your Explorer Badge and your Doer Badge with one quick project.

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